Should you marry your best friend?

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Marrying your very best friend is in fact the best option, because enough spiritual attachments would have formed via non-sexual interaction and action with the best friend before sex is introduced.

After a few years of being friends with somebody and having grown closer to this individual to the extent of having become best friends for quite some time, even many years or decades, many a person suddenly realized they are in love with this best friend. In most cases when a person has feelings for another, the feeling or feelings are mutual; otherwise those feelings won’t be there.

By the time these two have sex, whether premarital or just after getting married having successfully abstained, enough spiritual attachments shaped that combined the two souls on the right levels in the right elements and sequence. This way results in the attachments to form the right way before sex as was intended for the majority of humans with souls, other than spiritual attachments having formed only on the sexual level due to sex that was introduces too premature.

In many cases best friends of the opposite or even same sex, also make commitments toward one another, not realizing or understanding what happens in the spirit world in doing this, which leads and is to the benefit of a successful life-partnership. If enough time was spent collectively interacting in a nonsexual manner, where the perfect feelings have formed, developed and grown to full capacity, the attachments would form strongly and protected properly with equal and balanced emotions and capabilities that would last a lifetime when commitments are made or vows are taken.

Falling in love with one’s best friend is great, since the soul is loved and not the body or just the body, face, good looks, sex or sexiness, particularly if the person is sexy. People should fall in love with another’s traits, character, contributing conducts and abilities, etc., yet when folks begin having”butterflies” around a particular individual, they immediately want to share themselves, their spirits or the whole package and pleasure of sexual activity with that person. When sex is shared in this early stage it destroys the opportunity of growing love on a high level that would be in existence for lifetime and beyond. Having attached the perfect way through the right behavior is permanently beneficial to souls, as love is taken with to the afterlife, only for being truly loved or having loved another truly, that is absolutely not true with sex!

Sex can not cause souls to join or unite (form religious attachments) on another level, other than the sexual level, such as the”Love degree” or the”Mental/Intellectual degree” or some of the other potential levels where spirits could attach to form a unification.

To protect one’s own soul it’s ideal to have monogamous sex with just 1 partner throughout life, which would cause one’s soul to be and stay clean from religious contamination to wind up in the right place in the afterlife and to have the safety of true love, but more importantly to enjoy one’s life while in a life-partnership.

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